Southern Indiana Vacations Turn Unforgettable with Hot Air Balloon Rides

Couples and families on vacation in Southern Indiana are finding that hot air balloon rides through Bloomington Balloon Rides meet their need for adventure and new experiences, while also allowing for fun things to do closer to home when remote destination travel plans were changed.

During the summer of 2020, more people than ever have had travel plans disrupted, changed, and even cancelled. Local Bloomington Indiana balloon ride owner Andrew Richardson is seeing a different trend. Individuals, couples, and families have been discovering the joy and adventure of hot air balloon rides available to them closer to home.

“We’ve found a lot of people are making the most of a ‘staycation’ by exploring the local area and trying fun new activities. Hot air ballooning is the ultimate experience to get away from it all and appreciate your surroundings in a new way,” claims Andrew Richardson.

While traditional airlines have been making significant changes to safety protocols and passenger requirements, hot air ballooning is a completely fresh air experience. Each balloon flight is unique because the wind never blows the same direction. Bloomington Balloon Rides has an impeccable safety record while soaring above the breathtaking scenery. The crew works hard to make sure that each flight is both safe and enjoyable for each passenger.

Bloomington Indiana is a popular hot air ballooning destination because unlike Indianapolis, it is surrounded by lush, rolling terrain. Top vacation destinations such as Lake Monroe, Yellowwood State Forest, Brown County State Park, and other recreation and wilderness areas in the proximity draw tourists to explore the area. Some highlights of balloon rides around the Bloomington area include seeing wildlife from the air, soaring over local lakes, fields and forests, as well as getting a birds eye view of the town of Bloomington. Passengers are generally in the air for about an hour. The setup and landing process is also a fun and educational part of the outdoor adventure.

Bloomington Balloon Rides is the only hot air balloon operator in the Bloomington Indiana area. Passengers come from as close as Evansville and Indianapolis, to as far away as Australia. This summer, many people from big cities in the driveable area such as Chicago and Cincinnati are planning vacations in southern Indiana to enjoy a peaceful getaway that the area offers. Further details and reservations for a balloon flight can be found at .

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