Southern Cal Landscape Contractor Selected By Catholic Church For New Project

Frequently thought of as the Go-To-landscape contractor in Southern California, Siapin Horticulture continues to be chosen for projects that are a bit unusual.

Known as the go-to-landscape contractor throughout Southern California for design and construction, Siapin Horitculture was chosen for this special project for American Martyrs Catholic Church in Manhattan Beach.

“The story of American Martyrs Catholic Community begins years before the morning of November 9, 1930 when ten people sat on folding chairs in a Hermosa Beach home on 28th Street to hear Mass celebrated on an old sideboard. The story starts with a prophecy. Sometime in the early 1900’s, St. Frances Xavier Cabrini visited the tiny hamlet of Manhattan Beach, seeking donations for an orphanage in Los Angeles. Before she returned to her convent, she climbed the high dunes that overlook the Santa Monica Bay, took in the panoramic views of the ocean, the farms, and the little village below, and proclaimed: “Here is where a church should be built, on this hill, a beacon for the villager and the sailor. And it shall be.”

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The landscape project included moving large specimen Tea trees. They had to be carefully boxed, saved and replanted. Drought tolerant trees and shrubs were used as well as succulent shrubs and groundcovers. A drip irrigation system was installed to keep the plants and shrubs watered while minimizing water usage. An interesting part of the project was installing artificial turf inside the church.

Siapin Horticulture was selected for this project because of their ability to think outside the box and provide the high-quality design and construction they are known for. Siapin has also been selected for special projects including rooftop designs where weight and water requirements were an important part of the design.

For many customers around, Southern California looking for the best landscaping solutions for their needs, it can be a confusing process choosing the right option. Siapin Horticulture proudly displays its past projects so that customers can see the type of thing they can aim for with their own projects.

Whether the customer has small landscaping plans or large ideas, the team is committed to providing the best job possible. Full details are available on the URL above and interested parties can get in touch using the contact details provided on site.

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