Southeast Wines Launches Fine Dining Wine Club Nationwide

Company offer limited-production wines found primarily at restaurants to exclusive members

Southeast Wines, a leading online wine retailer, is launching a quarterly wine club. Six difficult-to-find wines from around the world per shipment, will be delivered directly to wine lovers’ doors. 

The introductory offer includes fine dining wines, tasting notes, no-obligation wine club, food and recipe pairing with each wine, and 360 bonus miles for $59.00 plus $10.00 shipping and applicable taxes. After the trial period, members are entitled to receive discounts at a growing network of restaurants nationwide with every quarterly shipment. 

Selected wines typically sell for $60.00 or more per bottle at some of the finest restaurants. By joining the wine club, members get an opportunity to try the same wines for significantly less money. “If a member loves a particular wine, a list of the nearest restaurants that offer the wine with a great meal will be provided. Wine taste better when paired with delicious food,” said Raj Patel at Southeast Wines.

The company searches the world’s vineyards to establish long-term mutually beneficial relationships with some of the best winemakers. They look for wineries that emphasize rich content, variety, and regional nuances. “Southeast Wines is one of few wine retailers to focus exclusively on limited-production winemakers. These wineries have an annual production of less than 10,000 cases, making the wines difficult-to-find at local grocery stores or retailers,” said Patel. 

Wine clubs have gained popularity with people new to wines and wine enthusiast. Consumers seem to like the idea of expertly selected wines from around the world delivered to their door on a subscription basis. “While there are some wine clubs that offer up to 15 bottles of cheap wines, the Southeast Wines Club specializes in wines found primarily at the best restaurants worldwide,” said Patel. 

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About Southeast Wines  

Founded in 2014, Southeast Wines offers the fruits of the most talented limited-production winemakers while looking out for sustainable vineyard practices. Whether a beginner or wine connoisseur the goal is to help wine lovers explore wines through rich content, innovative technology, videos, wine lover’s blog posts, wine classes, wine dinners, wine tastings, and food and wine pairings. Wine lovers are also rewarded with Wine Miles on every purchase. Miles may be used for wine getaways, shipping charges, purchases, events, and gift cards to featured restaurants. For more information, please visit

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