South Shreveport Vet Vaccination Animal Wellness Pet Care Guide Launched

South Shreveport Animal Hospital has launched a new report focusing on the importance of pet vaccinations for cats and dogs. It highlights the benefits of a complete vaccination schedule for both the animal and the family.

South Shreveport Animal Hospital has launched a new guide on the importance of pet vaccinations for both cats and dogs. This in depth guide explains that pet owners should always seek to protect their pet with a complete vaccination schedule, which can protect against a plethora of serious diseases.

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South Shreveport Animal Hospital was founded in December, 1985 by Dr Gordon Calahan and in that time has developed a reputation for excellent service. In 2005 South Shreveport Animal Hospital underwent an expansion that doubled the size of the hospital, and also added a luxury boarding facility.

With 3 full-time vets on the staff, it is known for its excellent animal care for pet wellness, surgery and treatments. South Shreveport Animal Hospital also provides premier boarding and is both a pet resort and playcare center.

South Shreveport Animal Hospital always aims to provide the best in compassionate, preventative care with cutting edge diagnostic tools. All the surgeries the center offers are performed using a CO2 Laser that promotes faster healing, reduces the risk of infection, and decreases pain.

The new report issued by South Shreveport Animal Hospital is the latest in their commitment to ensuring the best in Animal welfare and care in the local area.

The Shreveport, LA animal care experts explain that regular vaccinations can help to protect against diseases that can be life threatening, painful and debilitating.

In addition to this, regular vaccinations can protect both the pet owner and their family from possible animal-to-human illnesses and diseases.

In some cases, it is legally necessary to get dogs and cats vaccinated. For example, in Louisiana, it’s mandated to obtain rabies vaccinations for all dogs and cats. Additionally, many doggy daycare facilities require proof that the pet has been vaccinated against a number of diseases.

Another key benefit of a regular and complete vaccination schedule is that it greatly helps to strengthen the pets’ overall immune system.

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