South Dublin Olympic Weightlifting Classes Strength Training Programs Launched

South Dublin gym Primal X Fitness announced the launch of Olympic weightlifting classes for anyone interested in improving their strength, muscle building, metabolic rate and overall fitness.

Primal X Fitness, a gym based in South Dublin, announced the launch of a full range of Olympic weightlifting classes for anyone interested in improving their strength and overall fitness. Designed for individuals with all levels of training experience, the classes are held by qualified instructors and allow each participant to progress at their own pace while mastering the basics of correct weight lifting and strength training.

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Though weightlifting is an Olympic sport, the new classes by Primal X Fitness are designed to offers participants with all levels of experience the chance to reap the benefits of professional weightlifting workouts.

The expert South Dublin instructors will help participants learn the basics of Olympic weightlifting and develop correct lifting techniques for all types of exercises.

The routines train all muscles in the body while promoting optimal core strength and stability. The standard Olympic lifts are weighted squats, cleans, jerks and snatches, and they require a series of fitness skills that lead to optimal fitness levels.

Through heavy lifting under professionally supervised conditions, the gym helps participants achieve optimal metabolic rates and support muscle growth, fat burning and healthy weight loss.

Anyone interested in joining the Primal X Fitness Olympic weightlifting classes can book a free trial for one of the classes held each Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 8pm in the Sallynoggin gym. Bookings are available by visiting the gym’s official website at the link above.

A satisfied client said: “This is an amazing gym! After years of making myself go to the gym and doing the same old thing on the treadmill and on the machines with few results this is a totally different experience! Every workout is different – different parts of your body ache after every session, so you never get bored and you are kept motivated by doing the sessions as a group.”

Interested parties can find more information by visiting the above-mentioned website.

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