South Dallas TX Roof Repair – Storm Wind Damage/Leak Restoration Service Updated

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Daughters Roofing (817-673-0770) a team of roof experts servicing South Dallas, TX, has updated its storm roof damage and leaky roof repair services to fix missing or torn shingles and other roof issues.

Daughters Roofing, a roofing company servicing South Dallas, Texas, has updated its storm damage and leaky roof repair services. The company offers no-cost estimates for both residential and commercial clients.

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The company’s newly updated storm damage and leaky roof repair services are executed with exceptional craftsmanship while equally prioritizing customer service.

High-wind storms can cause the removal or tears of roof shingles which leads to compromised waterproof protection. A leaky roof will result in wasted energy, interior mold and mildew development, fire damage due to electrical wiring being disrupted by water, ceiling damage, and weakened structural integrity.

Daughters Roofing will inspect the client’s roof to assess the damage and provide an accurate estimate. If the roof has missing shingles, damaged flashing, or gaping holes, their team of experts can fix it. If the roof’s damage is too widespread, they will replace it and help the client select the material and plan for the new roof.

It is critical to repair a leaky roof since it can lead to several health risks caused by mold growth including asthma, inflammation, throat irritation, chest tightness, skin problems, and nasal congestion. The company’s contractors have over 40 years of combined experience to bring roofing services of the highest quality and provide clients with peace of mind knowing that they will never need to worry about on-site accidents.

Daughters Roofing is family-owned and operated and is dedicated to offering reliable roofing solutions that are suited to the clients’ needs. They work with clients, distributors, and manufacturers and are straightforward regarding quality and cost.

A satisfied client said: “I had a roof leak during a bad storm where my home builder did not seal a pipe correctly. I called Daughters Roofing who was able to get it fixed quickly, professionally, and at a good rate. They also double-checked the other potential leak points and sealed anything that they could to ensure a leak-free roof in the future. I would definitely recommend them and will continue using them.”

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