South Bend IN Pizza Restaurant Contactless Payment POS Ordering System Launched

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Grab Consumers has launched its POS contactless payment solution to pizza restaurant owners in South Bend, Indiana, helping to minimize customer and staff contact and meet CDC guidelines.

Grab Customers has launched its contactless payment system to pizza restaurant owners in South Bend, Indiana. The point of service (POS) payment solution has been expanded to help Indiana businesses meet CDC guidelines for contactless interactions.

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The local launch aims to help South Bend pizza restaurant owners to minimize contact between customers and staff, a key business concern in the current global health climate. Grab Customers’ contactless payment system requires no equipment and payments reach businesses’ bank accounts in two business days or less.

A Mastercard global consumer study revealed that 79% of worldwide card users now opt for contactless transactions to increase safety and cleanliness. In the US, Payment Study data found that 55% of American customers were concerned about handling cash during the pandemic.

Grab Customers’ payment system, Xpress-Pay, offers multiple routes to collect payment. Businesses can send customers SMS messaging with a custom payment link, embed hyperlinks into email or on site, or generate QR codes to print on checks.

POS payment is made via the customer’s mobile device, facilitating takeout, home food delivery and drive-through transactions as well as table service.

Grab Customers’ contactless payment launch aims to help businesses increase revenue, speed up account receivables, lower chargebacks and eliminate transaction costs. Interested parties can arrange a free live demo with the team, who will show how Xpress-Pay works as well as providing restaurant owners with insights into how contactless payment could benefit their business.

A spokesperson for the company said: “With the pandemic on so many people’s minds, and many restaurant businesses trying to adapt to the latest CDC guidelines and new rules for ‘contactless’ interactions, we are here to help South Bend restaurant businesses to digitize their ordering and payment process.”

For more information and to schedule a free demo, please visit the above-mentioned website.

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