South African Trading: Personalized Coaching Launched

TenXTrade launched an updated range of personalized training coaching services for South African traders interested in making informed trading decisions in 2021.

TenXTrade, a stock trading platform based in South Africa, announced an updated range of personalized trading coaching services for investors at all experience levels. The platform allows South African residents to open a trading account and implement effective strategies to diversify their portfolio and improve their chances of profitable trading.

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The latest coaching program aims to help traders develop strategic insights based on exclusive knowledge and data analysis.

The previous year was marked by increased market volatility and a widespread distrust in the markets. TenXTrade explains that the main lesson taught by the financial markets in 2020 is that basing trading strategies on attempts to predict the future is highly risky. Traders need to combine trend analysis with established principles to develop smart trading strategies – yet the majority of traders do not have a solid understanding of the foundations of successful trading.

TenXTrade aims to help members master the basics of sustainable trading. They will be able to start trading on recommended exchanges and optimize their trading schedules rather than wasting long hours following short-term trends.

Another goal of the platform’s training program is to empower traders to partner with regulated experts allowing them to identify high-potential trading strategies, commodity and financial markets.

While the company understands that trading is a high-risk endeavour, its training program is designed to provide members with the skills and knowledge required to make informed decisions based on the information available. This will allow them to invest in Forex, stocks and commodities by taking calculated risks and improving their chances of a positive trading outcome.

The author of the report concludes: “All in all, 2021 is the time to be smart. Smart trading is about partnering with beneficial companies, continuing online education, not over-focusing on the short term, avoiding reacting from marketing highs and lows as well as unpredictability, remaining adaptable, being aware of global trade trends but placing smart moves on knowledge and skills and focusing on more fixed-income investments.”

With the latest update, TenXTrade continues to expand its range of high-quality trading services and resources for South African traders.

Interested parties can find more information by visiting the above-mentioned website.

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