Sourcing-as-a-Service Cloud-Based Phone System – CCaaS Setup Solution Launched

A newly updated Sourcing-as-a-Service phone solution has been launched by Technology Source. They connect clients with a with the latest UCaaS and CCaaS solutions.

Technology Source has launched an updated Sourcing-as-a-Service model for clients wanting the best UCaaS (Unified Communications as a service) and CCaaS (Contact Center as a Service) systems. They connect clients with the right cloud-based phone solution for their company needs.

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The specialist team at Technology Source knows that for remote workforces, it’s important to have access to the best tools and systems. They have updated their platform to provide faster access to the right tools for all clients.

With the newly updated model, clients can compare the most suitable cloud-based telephone options for their current projects.

These systems are critical in supporting distributed teams and allowing them to work optimally through the challenges of the pandemic.

With the right phone setup, clients are able to ensure employees can work from home while supporting business workflow. They can also offer efficient and streamlined call centers or support programs.

One of the main challenges that businesses face when they initially shop around for cloud-based solutions is dealing with sales representatives. Technology Source avoids this hassle and provides a more efficient service.

They will contact the major companies including 8×8, Jive, Century Link, and others to secure the best deal for the client.

Established in 1998, they have decades of experience in navigating the cloud solution space. They aim to operate as a long-term partner for clients who need fast access to the best on-demand services.

When businesses know what type of service they’re looking for, they can save time through the Sourcing-as-a-Service program. This prevents salespeople from causing issues as clients can purchase direct, and immediately deploy the right option for their business.

The specialist team has worked with hundreds of providers and connected thousands of clients with the right fit. They urge interested parties to get in touch for their tailored service.

A spokesperson for the company has said of their program: “Businesses waste time with RFPs that can take six months to get the results we can produce in two weeks. Save time and get better results by letting our advisors drive your RFP process.”

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