Sonus Complete Tinnitus Relief 2022 Natural Hearing Supplement Review Released

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Researcher Gregory Peters announces the release of a new product review of Sonus Complete, an all-natural daily supplement designed to minimize tinnitus symptoms and provide supportive nutrients for a healthy brain.

The recent review provides an overview of Sonus Complete, a 620 mg proprietary blend of natural ingredients that focus on preventing hearing loss. The product contains a blend of minerals, botanical elements, herbs, and vitamins formulated to enhance hearing and ease tinnitus symptoms by improving neuron connections from the ears to the brain.

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The review is timely in that it comes as tinnitus, a debilitating condition, continues to impact people worldwide, making it difficult for them to work or sleep. Tinnitus, a ringing or buzzing noise in one or both ears, is often caused by long or repeated exposure to loud sounds and may be constant or come and go.

According to the WHO, more than a billion young adults are at risk of permanent hearing loss because of unsafe listening practices. This damage is wholly avoidable. While anyone can get tinnitus, most cases are found among senior citizens, employees in loud work environments, musicians, concertgoers, and motorsports and hunting enthusiasts. Tinnitus is the most common disability among military personnel and veterans.

Researchers suspect that the source of the ringing is not in the ear, but in the brain cells that signal each other. Reduced auditory nerve input results in phantom perceptions of ringing, whooshing, or buzzing. Based on this information, experts at Sonus Complete looked for natural ways to promote a balanced neurotransmitter environment in the brain to ease tinnitus symptoms.

The product review notes that the Sonus Complete team conducted extensive research, ultimately isolating 14 ingredients as primary components in their formula – a balance of vitamins, minerals, and plants, including hibiscus, hawthorn berry, Vitamin B3, B6, and B12, and more. The formula offered real tinnitus relief and was also found to enhance memory and improve sleep patterns.

Sonos Complete is offered in a basic package consisting of one bottle, a standard package of three bottles, and a premium package that includes six bottles containing 60 capsules each.

According to a satisfied customer, “My head is quieter than ever, and I can’t even remember a time when my whole body felt this calm. I’m sharing this with everyone I know, it’s the least I can do.”

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