Songwriting Hit Writers Sharing Secrets to Career Success Inside Music Industry

Grammy-winning songwriters of multiple chart-topping popular hits are answering questions from participants of the Ultimate Songwriters Sweepstakes from Music Row 411 via live streaming interviews

Music Row 411 is interviewing hit making songwriters to help singers, songwriters, and artists better understand how to write hit music and how to achieve sustainable success in the Music Industry as the final part of the Ultimate Songwriters Sweepstakes.

More information about the sweepstakes and the live streaming event is available at

Participants in the sweepstakes, which is free to enter for all artists and songwriters, receive access to live interviews with songwriters who have written many hit songs over decades for artists such as Miley Cyrus, Whitney Houston, Bruno Mars, and countless other chart topping entertainers.

The Ultimate Songwriters Sweepstakes delivers these interview sessions to all sweepstakes participants via Facebook and YouTube. In addition to the free live training sessions, the sweepstakes offers more than $30,000 in prizes for songwriters, singers, artists, and musicians.

There will be one grand prize winner with many other winners of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place prize packagess.

The live streaming format of the interviews allows participants to ask questions directly and receive answers in real time from professional songwriters.

The final interview of the Sweepstakes is with Grammy-winning songwriters who have written multiple chart-topping popular radio hits.

“Thank you so much…a lot of new very useful insight for me,” said a sweepstakes participant in the comments during a recent interview.

“This was an amazing event,” commented another participant during the same live interview.

Previous topics covered during the sweepstakes include legal considerations for songwriters, sync placements of music on television and in movies, and publishing music in the digital streaming age.

Interested parties may enter the sweepstakes for free by visiting the url above.

A partial replay of all previous interviews will be made available after the live streaming conclusion of the sweepstakes happening July 30th on the Music Row 411 facebook page at

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