Songwriting 101 Learn Faster Lyric Design Online Musician Course Launched

A newly launched songwriting course has been launched online by Better Songwriting 101. It helps participants to learn in their own time, master songwriting, and write faster.

A new online songwriting course has been launched called Better Songwriting 101, allowing participants to learn at their own pace and write songs that stand out from the crowd. The course is provided by Music Row 411, a site dedicated to music and music industry education based on the realities of being a songwriter in the 21st century.

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The founder of Music Row 411, Beth Raebeck Hall, is a Grammy nominated performing artist/songwriter in contemporary blues. The site was designed as a leading online resource for musicians looking to learn, grow, and improve their skills.

Better Songwriting 101 was launched with a focus on helping new and aspiring musicians to elevate their songwriting. Writing songs has historically been one of the most difficult aspects of a music career, but it’s also a way for musicians to stand out from their competitors.

With streaming making it easier for musicians to put their work out there, good songwriting can get musicians noticed. The new online course helps musicians to navigate the reality of successful songwriting in today’s market.

Whether participants in the course are writing for themselves, or looking to seriously pursue a career in the industry, they’ll get the insight, guidance and information they need to improve and grow.

Key features of the new course include insider information on the keys to success in songwriting. Participants will get real world examples and lessons, learn how to prep through successful habits, and master songwriting skills.

They will also learn how to edit after discovering the intensive rewrite process that can turn a good starting point into a successful song.

The team behind the program state: “Whether you’re writing with professional aspirations or you’re writing to exercise your creative juices, writing a song is tough. And no matter where you fall on the spectrum, Better Songwriting 101 will help you write better songs and write them faster so you can focus on producing, performing, and improving without learning a bunch of complicated theory or wasting time on outdated practices.”

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