Sonex Aircraft Insurance Rates & Liability Coverage For Owners | Guide Published

BWI Aviation Insurance (800-666-4359) has published a new guide on how to secure the best Sonex aircraft insurance. The agency is based in Corona, California, and Anchorage, Alaska.

The 42-year-old, family-owned and operated agency has published a new guide explaining the challenges of insuring kit aircraft such as Sonex while detailing the steps that can be taken to ensure securing the most affordable rates for the owner.

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BWI Aviation insurance, an A+ rated aviation insurance firm, itself recognized as a pioneer in the field has released the new report to help owners better appreciate the insurance options available as they relate to that owner’s specific situation/requirements. For example, if Sonex buyers want to finance their aircraft purchase, the lender will typically demand the prospective owner comply with specific insurance requirements. Moreover, certain states require owners to carry liability insurance.

American kit airplane producer Sonex Aircraft manufactures four kits for homemade metal monoplanes – the Sonex, Waiex, Xenos, and Onex, all lightweight, metal, low-wing, two-seat aircraft – as well as the SubSonex Personal Jet and Xenos-B Motorglider. All Sonex Aircraft builders are required to register their planes as Experimental/Amateur-Built Aircraft – and securing insurance for homebuilt aircraft can be difficult for the uninitiated first-time buyer. This is particularly true for Sonex models, which carry the reputation of being ‘fun’ planes.

In its new guide, BWI Aviation Insurance advises owners that aviation insurance rates on homebuilt aircraft are especially high, due to the unknown – and unregulated – nature of their construction. However, several steps can be taken to mitigate the higher rates, such as logged flight time on the make and model that the owner is attempting to insure: even owners with significant experience flying non-Sonex aircraft may not qualify for major rate reductions with some carriers.

The agency recommends – above all else – that owners obtain at least 20-30 hours of flying experience in the same Sonex model being constructed. Doing this before activating any policy will help to lower the insurance rate. If such a course of action is unfeasible, BWI Aviation recommends getting experience with another type of aircraft and conducting practice flights with a certified flight instructor (CFI). A tailwheel endorsement and completed safety course should also prove beneficial for insurance purposes.

One BWI client commented: “Jackie was extremely helpful while insuring my first aircraft. She called within an hour of sending an inquiry online and found a very affordable rate. She was also very patient and accommodating with the binding date while the pre-buy was finished.”

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