Somerville NJ – Small Business Lead Generation – Marketing Plan Tool Launched

Somerville, New Jersey, digital marketing agency Royce Brook Media announced that a new marketing plan generator is now available for small businesses looking to increase sales during the current pandemic.

Royce Brook Media, a digital marketing agency in Somerville, New Jersey, announced the launch of a new marketing plan generator that allows businesses to get their own custom marketing plan. This new AI powered tool helps businesses generate new leads and sales even during the current pandemic.

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The current pandemic is affecting all types of sectors, from travel and industry events to global supply chains. Because small businesses are particularly affected by this global health crisis, Royce Brook Media launched a new free marketing plan generator that helps users generate more traction online.

During this difficult time, many businesses are fighting to survive, and marketing is an essential part of their recovery. While sales may be slow during the pandemic, businesses can generate leads that will set them up for success once the crisis passes.

According to Royce Brook Media, having a successful marketing strategy can help one’s business during and after the crisis. By maintaining visibility in their market, small businesses ensure long-term profitability and continued investment.

The new marketing plan generator at Royce Brook Media offers business owners a chance to get their own free customized marketing plan. This innovative tool helps businesses build their brand awareness and get more visibility, which means driving visitors to their website to make the sales.

The marketing plan generator will help business owners focus on conversion-optimization practices and rethink some of their marketing tactics to ensure long-term success regardless of their circumstances.

Matt Montellione, the CEO of Royce Brook Media, has personally worked with over 350 clients over the past 6 years helping them generate tens of millions of dollars in revenue.

A spokesperson for the agency said: “Our fully managed marketing service allows you to grow your business and fill your pipeline in a way that provides a strong ROI and doesn’t come with the headaches of an in-house staff.”

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