SomaLife Natural Amino Acid Supplements For Cell Repair Product Report Released

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SomaLife has released a report detailing an inspiring account of its foundation as a company, and some of the benefits provided by its patented range of products, which include nutrition supplements for long-term health and sports performance, formulas for pets, and more.

The recently released report titled ‘Providing Optimal Health Options with SomaLife’ provides details on the business’s natural supplements, along with an overview of its history and unique business model.

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SomaLife’s report offers a brief introduction to the 23-year-old company, summarizing its ideals and product development approach as designed by its forward-thinking founder, Marlies White. The report is the first of several planned publications that will be featured on the official company blog.

According to the report, the SomaLife brand originated from Marlies’ quest for products that improve an individual’s overall health and quality of life. This search led to a partnership with her co-founder and husband, Dr. Philip White, an Ivy League-educated doctor with extensive experience in studying hormones, vitamins, and antioxidants.

Through their partnership, the pair developed SomaLife’s unique range of products using a combination of Dr. White’s work and input from a team of researchers, scientists, and medical doctors.

Marlies continued managing the company after Dr. White’s passing and outlined a stable course for expansion that continues still. She has since become an established book author and built SomaLife’s portfolio of products to include supplements and formulas for brain health, athletic performance, pet care, and more.

About SomaLife

The company is based in Peachland, British Columbia, and was founded in 1998. It specializes in developing natural amino acid-rich supplements that support cell repair and regeneration. SomaLife’s product line includes its gHP Sport active performance supplements, the IQ150 supplements for memory improvement, and its SomaPet formula for pets.

An excerpt from the report states, “Marlies has shown how an empowered woman can take over the reins and expand a business successfully despite a great personal loss. SomaLife has helped people internationally and closer to home for over two decades to lead more vibrant, healthier lives. Ultimately, our goal is that you live and feel young for as long as possible.”

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