Solutions Driven Launch Monthly Diversity Surgery

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Global recruitment company, Solutions Driven, have launched a monthly diversity surgery ran by Chief Diversity Officer and diversity and inclusion advocate, Salma El-Wardany.

The Solution Driven surgeries are being offered as a response to the current fast pace of the recruitment market – there aren’t enough candidates for roles and companies are struggling to attract top talent. As many businesses resume pre-pandemic levels of trade, and even look to ramp up, this increasing talent shortage is causing major issues.

With the fact that diverse companies outperform their rivals, Solutions Driven are helping businesses improve their candidate value proposition to combat the skills shortage and attract top candidates to their businesses.

Salma El-Wardany commented: “Right now the market is moving quickly and often that leads companies down old, comfortable hiring patterns. However, now is a golden opportunity for companies to improve their diversity and inclusion efforts. It’s why we’re putting on free diversity surgeries every month to give organisations a space to ask questions brainstorm ideas and work through their challenges. A diverse workforce is in all our interests and will fundamentally change our workforce for the better.”

Solution Driven has this byline: “Diversity isn’t for some, it’s for everyone. We don’t make an inclusive world singularly, but collectively”

Mr Gavin Speirs, Chief Executive Officer of Solutions Driven Ltd said this, “As recruitment partners to global businesses, we see first-hand how important diversity in recruitment and the workplace is. That’s why it felt important to spend some time doing the educating we said we would. We’ve held workshops and diversity training for our employees, provided diversity workshops for our clients and brought in consultants to help us start our diversity journey the right way.”

To learn more about Solutions Driven free monthly diversity surgery sessions visit their website here:

The next session is being held mid-August 2021 and will be ran by Chief Diversity officer and diversity and inclusion advocate, Salma El-Wardany. After graduating with a degree and Masters, Salma started her career as a Business Development lead in a global recruitment firm. She then moved on to Head of Content for the UK and Ireland before heading up marketing departments for recruitment businesses and venture capital funds. In 2016 she founded her own marketing company which focused on the recruitment sector and building diverse brands. Her career, which spans media, publishing, recruitment and marketing, has always focused on giving voice to marginalised groups, creating inclusive workplaces and helping organisations become diverse and inclusive businesses.

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