Solo Ads Email Marketing Strategy 2022 – Business Growth Beginner Report Launch

FitPreneurShip, a website dedicated to helping aspiring online entrepreneurs, has released a new video report on solo ads to educate their audience about how they can use these ads to boost their business growth.

The new video covers all aspects of this increasingly popular kind of ad – what it is, how it can enhance one’s business, and affordable, high-quality sources of it.

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FitPreneurShip’s latest video aims to provide aspiring online entrepreneurs with an educational resource about a new business tool to add to their kit. Entrepreneurs can use solo ads to spread the word about their business, solidify connections in their niche, and build their website traffic and therefore their potential client base.

Online business owners distribute solo ads via the email lists of other players in their niche, whom they pay a fee in exchange for the privilege. These email ads feature only the owner’s business and contain links to direct traffic to their website. For example, a marketer might connect with a fellow industry player who is willing to send her list subscribers an email encouraging them to check out the marketer’s opt-in page.

FitPreneurShip’s new video offers helpful advice about how to use solo ads for maximum effectiveness. Using solo ads to take prospects directly to an opt-in page is a sub-optimal strategy. Instead, marketers should lead them through a structured customer journey, allowing them to learn about the business’s background before reaching a decision point.

Viewers will also learn where they can find quality, affordable solo ads. When looking for trustworthy sources, it’s important to avoid those that send bot traffic, which will not help recoup the cost of the ads. The video directs viewers to lists of vetted sources and others offering additional, complimentary business resources.

FitPreneurShip was founded to address common digital marketing problems. For those interested in self-employment, they offer no-obligation video training on revenue generation and healthy lifestyles, among others.

Founder Kneller Fernandes said: “Our initiative is to help new entrepreneurs not only start up their journey into a life of their dreams, but also to help them in a holistic way where they are healthy and wealthy. FitPreneurShip is dedicated to the modern idea of success.”

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