SolidWorks CSWA Online Video Training Course & Certification Price Announced

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SolidWorks CSWA training course by Udemy is a wonderful learning opportunity for anyone who has passion for 2D and 3D modeling and product design and is interested in potentially enjoying new career opportunities.

A new professional online CSWA training course by Udemy has been launched. The course teaches students the basics of SolidWorks. Students can earn an official certificate validating their skills in 2D and 3D modeling that can open many new opportunities for career advancement and success.

A CSWA certificate proves that its owner has the basic knowledge and skills to create basic models and concepts in SolidWorks. During the course, the students work on various basic SolidWorks tasks and enhance their 3D modeling skills and learn about major design concepts and sustainable design principles.

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The CSWA is a basic certification level and is considered by many students the easiest to acquire. Such Solidworks certification level functions as the perfect entry point for students or professionals who have completed some training in Solidworks but have no work experience.

The Udemy online course features 77 high-quality expert training lessons available for view on the Udemy platform at any time on a desktop or mobile device. It also includes 45 downloadable materials and 19 articles that help students deepen their knowledge and skills.

The program has received more than 2000 positive reviews. Packed with practical information, it helps students master valuable skills and prepare for the SolidWorks expert exam (CSWE).

The training material is divided into 9 modules exploring topics related to basic Solidworks interface and navigation, sketching, basic and complex features, material and mass properties, 2D drawings, and more.

Each recipient of the CSWA certification by Udemy can validate their knowledge and skills in creating beautiful designs on SolidWorks.

Upon successful completion of the program, you are granted an official certificate. The program is good for complete beginners, for engineers, designers and hobbyists interested in learning how to create innovative product designs.

The Udemy CSWA training course comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee allowing users to explore the content before they confirm their decision to become certified CSWA associates.

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