Solar Roofs Are The Future According To Report; DFW Best Roofing Sees A Brighter Future

Solar energy is getting cheap, and electricity from the grid is getting more and more expensive.

Pennies falling from the sky

The price of electricity from the grid is going up over time and the price of electricity from solar panels has been going down rapidly for decades. It doesn’t take a crystal ball to forecast in which direction the future is going. At some point, solar power will be much more affordable than everything else.

After all, the U.S. could power itself over hundred times more with just solar power, after all, there is no a shortage of the sun.

The solar panels will seem very old fashioned in the future. Solar cell roofs will be painted on much like the plastic membranes that are now being used for re-roofing, and instead of solar panels there will be solar shingles.

A recent sign of the progress that solar is making in taking over the world: In 42 of the 50 biggest U.S. cities solar power is now cheaper than electricity from the power grid.

It might seem counter-intuitive at first that the cities at the top of the list are not those that get the most sun, rather its the places where solar is cheaper and the electricity from the Grid is more expensive. Looking at how much electricity the panels can produce – the cost of electricity from the grid matters tremendously. New York City and Boston aren’t the sunniest places, but electricity from the grid is much more expensive, so solar roofing makes much more sense. Electricity from the grid is a lot cheaper in Miami, but there’s also a lot more sun in Florida, solar panels are still beating the grid by over 5 cents/kWh.

For many, money might not be the primary reason to switch to clean energy. But it can’t hurt even those who do it for other reasons, and for a lot of people who don’t pay much attention to things like air pollution and climate change, saving money is a great selling point. Solar panels last a long time and there’s no “fuel” cost – One gets this wonderful clean energy that falls from the sky – basically saving money on utility bill every month for decades. Hard to ignore… Especially as solar keeps getting cheaper.

DFW Best Roofing is working hard to get solar shingles and solar panels installed in the state of Texas. Roofing in Dallas and Fort Worth Roofing has only one future, solar shingle panels.

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