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Security illumination is seen as one of the essentials to protecting your property. The instalation and running costs have now been shattered to make this aspect of security available to all. So have a look at the new lines of security lighting

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Saving energy is definitely big on the agenda at the moment and with the advent of the solar panel came a plethora of new products. One lesser known innovation that has yet to take the world by storm is the development of the white LED bulb. But this is a truly remarkable development.

The humble red diode. Otherwise referred to as the red stand-bye dot. The Indicator that shows an electrical device is switched on, was given a new role in life. Following years of research the LED was made to glow white. It appears to be a big fuss over what is nothing more than a white light bulb. Now consider the spiraling cost of energy and the lackluster performance of the preceding low energy lighting. Switch on to the crisp white illumination of the LED. You can now get excited about solar powered security lights

The work done by a 100 watt incandescent bulb can now be achieved by a mere 5 watts or less. Couple all this together and include a solar panel and a rechargeable battery. Created is a formidable combination. No longer is it necassary to burn a 500 watt halogen security light. The job can just as easily be achieved with a product such as the L955 solar powered motion activated security floodlight. complete with no less than forty five tiny LED light bulbs. Combined they crank out a staggering forty lumens. Remarkably the power required for this outstanding performance is provided free of charge. The small solar panel responsible for providing the power to the battery can be positioned up to fifteen feet away from the lamp. So even if the 45 LED Motion Activated Solar Flood light is in a shady spot. You can position the power grabbing solar panel to catch the best of the daylight. Harnessing all the sunshine in a 3600mAhr battery pack, which will discharge as required during the hours of darkness. If needed, a continuous discharge of up to four hours can be achieved. Though normally the lamp would be used in the detect mode. Utilizing the passive motion sensor to provide hours of timed on of periods as required. The insight to this truly remarkable product is provided by

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