Solar Eclipse August 2017 Souvenir Path of Totality FAQ Page Launched

A set of frequently asked questions concerning the solar eclipse on August 21, 2017 has been has been launched by Solar-Eclipse.Earth. Solar-Eclipse.Earth's website is dedicated to helping educate people about the solar eclipse and providing souvenirs to commemorate the event.

SolarEclipseEarth have launched set of frequently asked question on their website. SolarEclipseEarth is a website that was set up to help people across the USA celebrate the coming solar eclipse in August, and stocks original artwork memorabilia to commemorate it.

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The website explains that the Moon has journeyed around the Earth for billions of years and every 18 months or so, it blocks the light of the sun. This results in a solar eclipse which is visible from Earth.

On August 21 2017, the Sun will rise and be totally eclipsed and this eclipse will then travel across the USA, creating a path of totality. This rare event will begin on the Oregon coast at 10:15 AM (PDT) and take 94 minutes to cross the country. The event will end by touching South Carolina at 2:49 PM (EDT).

SolarEclipseEarth have created a FAQ page so people can learn what a solar eclipse is, the route this particular one will take and what they can expect to see. The FAQ page also helps people to discover ways to view the total eclipse safely. Readers can also expect many extra interesting facts surrounding the subject.

To celebrate this rare path of totality event SolarEclipseEarth have created original artwork especially for this extraordinary and unique celestial event. This artwork has been placed on a variety of items such as clothing and household items so people can commemorate the event with a souvenir.

Items available include clothing, bags, pillows, mugs, iPhone cases, maps and more. For example original artwork featuring the eclipse’s shadow trajectory across the United States map has been featured on the previously mentioned items. Gifts can also be purchased that are themed by state and by images of the sun and moon.

For more information about SolarEclipseEarth and the eclipse please visit the website on the link provided above.

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