Solana Beach CA Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Treatment – Chiropractic Care Launched

The chiropractic care team at Health By The Sea are currently offering an updated range of non-invasive carpal tunnel syndrome treatments to patients in Solana Beach, California.

Health By The Sea, a chiropractic care studio in Del Mar, California, announced the launch of an updated range of carpal tunnel syndrome treatments for patients in Solana Beach and the surrounding coastal area. Dr Fatimah Esfahanizadeh, D.C. is a leading specialist for treating carpal tunnel syndrome with natural chiropractic care.

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The recent announcement is part of the center’s commitment to helping patients avoid invasive treatments and surgery by providing natural and gentle chiropractic treatments.

Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) is a condition that affects the hands, wrists, and elbows. Some symptoms caused by CTS include weakness or loss of grip strength, tingling, burning, numbness, and wrist pain.

According to a study in the Journal of Hand Surgery, 90% of thousands of patients also had a problem with the cervical nerves which supply the median nerve of the wrist through the shoulder. Fortunately, non-invasive treatments such as chiropractic care can help with the healing of the median nerve.

The team at Health By The Sea take a holistic approach to healthcare when treating a range of problems, including carpal tunnel syndrome. They specialize in the hands-on correction of spinal misalignments to reduce tissue swelling and relieve pressure on cervical nerves that may be causing wrist pain.

Dr Fatimah Esfahanizadeh, D.C, known as Dr Fattie, and her team will create a unique plan that helps each patient’s specific condition. Treatments can include ultra-specific chiropractic realignments of the spinal joints and mobilization of the wrist and hand, stretching and strengthening exercises, and soft-tissue mobilization techniques.

It only takes a few adjustments for many patients to start reporting relief. However, the therapy will continue until patients restore optimal health, which is different for everyone depending on their history.

The highly experienced chiropractic care team will also educate patients on how to maintain healthy movement habits that will be the foundation of preventing pain.

A satisfied patient said: “Dr Fatimah is great. She is knowledgeable and thorough. She deeply cares about holistic health and her patient’s welfare. If you are looking for a capable, dedicated and excellent chiropractor, look no further.”

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