Software Uses “Sleep-Sales Technology” To Generate Sales While Snoozing….

Glenn Brizendine Solutions announces the launch of the 12 Minute Affiliate's new “Sleep-Sales” technology, a plug-and-play lead generation and internet business sales system which automatically engages an entrepreneur's customer base which in turn drives affiliate sales.

12 Minute Affiliate is a simple, beginner-friendly, 3-step system that is also adaptable, allowing for lead generation and automated sales to take place even when the entrepreneur or marketer is sleeping.

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The Sleep-Sales Technology has been designed to solve several accessibility issues in the marketing realm.

Most prominently, the cost of entry to most sales systems is higher than many new affiliate marketers can afford, and with that overhead, it is difficult, if not impossible, to fulfill a target earning potential.

The Sleep Sales program SOLVES this problem by bundling all the tools a marketer needs into one package, for one low price. $9.95 for a 2-week trial…then only $47 per month for a one niche program or $97 per month for a 3 niche program….

These are unheard of affordable entry prices for a system designed and back by an affiliate legend. A guy that if he puts his name and reputation behind it you almost have to figure it better work…not for money’s sakes but for his legendary reputation’s sakes.

In the online age, product marketing is an attractive option for many looking to leave their office jobs behind. However, the complex nature of setting up sales pipelines and pursuing leads can be equally daunting.

By automating these processes, the Sleep Sales program has made this revenue generation option available to anyone.

The all-in-one automation package allows for quick setup, and many customers may see revenue generation occurring within their first week because there have been hundreds of testimonials from current clients and users of this revolutionary system that claim to have opt-ins and sales within their first week of signing up….

When used as part of the larger 12 Minute Affiliate system, setting up multiple streams of income has never been easier. For more information, CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE.

The Sleep-Sales program works by first capturing lead information from traffic, and then automatically generating follow-up messages and increasing exposure without increasing overhead. This software also works around the clock, often increasing the chance of a sale sevenfold or more.

The program can also be adjusted and time-gated, directing leads to a different product every week, maintaining momentum through intelligent product rotation. This model will repeatedly expose leads to new products, which has been proven to increase commission generation as the average customer may need to be exposed to a product several times before they make a purchase.

About 12-Minute Affiliate

The program has been devised by successful product marketer and entrepreneur Devon Brown, whose software emulates his own experience and seeks to solve the myriad problems that he faced when he was starting out in the industry.

According to a spokesperson for 12 Minute Affiliate, “You can create your own account today, by following the simple steps to activate your system and initiate our “Sleep-Sales Technology” process. Or, you can just have us set everything up for you.”

No matter where you are around the world, if affiliate marketing interests you and you want to get started without a lot of risk and expense, this is the no-brainer we’ve all been looking for.

I guess you could say Devon has put the “Z’s” back in E-zzzzzzzzzzzz……. with his new program and Sleep Sales Technology.

The entry cost is amazing at only $9.95 for a 2-week trial and then, to be totally transparent…if you can set things up yourself, which most should be able to do, you will spend a whopping total of $9.95 to get set up and ready for traffic….all in under a couple hours.

If you take advantage of the 2 upsells (a report for $39 and DFY service setting your account up for $67) you would spend an extra $106 for those items in addition to the $9.95….but they are both voluntary purchases.

After the 2-week trial, you would start paying only $47 per month for a one niche membership or $97 per month for a three (3) niche membership.

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