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UnderBuilt provides software for real estate brokers & agents with accurate and immediate property data. They not only offer information to real estate professionals but also to individuals who are looking for priceless information that will save them time and money.

Software for real estate brokers & agents One of the biggest challenges that face brokers, property developers, designers, architectures, real estate managers, agents and other people who are engaged in property management is using the right software for real estate which indicates the maximum potential of the location where they want to develop. There is a solution, using UnderBuilt software for real estate provides credible and accurate property information allowing the developers as well as professionals involved in property development know beforehand the maximum potential of a proposed location. According to the company CEO, Sean Peterson, “this is a priceless information to all those involved in property management; right from the home owners, buyers, realtors as well as property development professionals.”

In line with providing this information, UnderBuilt software has added more locations. Previously the company was providing instant reports for Beverly Hills, including all its neighborhoods, Los Angeles as well as its neighborhood. Other areas include Culver city, Burbank , Glendale and all its neighboring areas. To increase the coverage, UnderBuilt software for real estate is now providing instant information for two more locations; Pasadena and Santa Monica. Property owners, buyers and managers will now have access to information which is crucial in sound decision making on property development.

Other cities are also in the pipeline, the company is planning to include three cities; Camarillo, Malibu and Santa Clarita within the next few weeks.

“UnderBuilt’s mission is to provide accurate and immediate property potential data to those in need, we not only sell the information to the professionals but also to individuals who are looking for this priceless information for the purposes of decision making,” said the company representative while inviting buyers, sellers and developers to get information which will help them make informed decisions.

One developer who has benefited from UnderBuilt’s real estate software was upbeat about the information he received on a property which he wanted to buy. The developer remembered the frustration that he used to go through when such a tool was not available.” Getting property data was a nightmare, one had to visit the city or the county offices or website, where loads of information would be combined with little yield. As if that was not enough, one had to sit down and crack the math, this would take days to be completed,” said the developer while acknowledging that all these troubles are now over following the entry of software which provides such information instantly with a click of a button.

UnderBuilt’s real estate software has made it easy, all one has to do is use the available interface, enter the address or the APN of the interested area and the property data will be unveiled within a short time.

“With such real estate information, it is possible to build, buy or sell with confidence,” concluded Sean Peterson.

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