Sofia’s Findings Offers Custom American Oak Barrels

American Oak Barrels have been used or thousands of years to enhance the flavor profile of wine, beer, and liquors. Sofia's Findings has created a better barrel, one with aged wood, a manual charring process, and handmade artistry which results in a smooth, flavorful beverage.

Sofia’s Findings is not a typical ecommerce giant; rather than mass produce items, the store only sells handmade products crafted by artisans; often the products were a family’s legacy or skilled trade. The ecommerce store has grown in an ever-competitive niche by not competing simply on price, but the quality of products produced and sold. Hamid Amirpour, owner of Sofia’s Findings has traveled the world to find the best handmade American Oak Barrels. His journey brought him to Mexico, where one family had perfected the art form for thousands of years.

The family used only the finest wood to create the barrel, and hand charred the inside to create a rich, deep aroma and taste in the spirits. Whether wine, beer, alcohol, or seltzer, within a few short weeks the complete flavor profile is transformed from traditional to top shelf quality. Because the American oak barrels are hand-crafted and not mass produced, Sofia’s Findings is able to offer personalization, a monogrammed inscription of either the new owner’s surname or favorite sports team. The perfect complement to any wine cellar, man-cave or brewery.

Other products from Sofia’s Findings are sourced from regions of the world known for skilled craftsman such as Peru, Guatemala, and anywhere else quality and tradition are prized over mass-production and profit margins. As a finishing touch, the barrels can also be wrapped in brass or stainless steel. There is a wide selection and customization’s because each one is built uniquely to the client’s specification. If a person does not want a larger barrel, smaller volume sizes and even individual custom wood shot glasses or mugs are available. Due to growing demand, and the time-intensive process of creating a custom barrel, Sofia’s Findings asks to join the waiting list if a product is currently not available, or simply call the friendly service via phone or email.

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