Soda Can Diversion Safes & Wall Socket Clock Air Freshener Hidden Stash Launched

The Community Watch Products, available at 800 859-5566, is offering a range of hidden and diversion safes perfect for those who want to ensure their belongings are safe and sound at all times.

The popular Community Watch Products is now offering a range of hidden and diversion safes that allow clients to conceal their prized possessions in everyday items which blend seamlessly with the rest of the house.

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The Community Watch Products is the online store most families around the country are turning to for quality personal protection, self-defense and home security products at great prices.

Now, for all those who want to make sure their prized possessions are always safe and sound, the store is also stocking a range of diversion, hidden and dummy safes.

These include safes made out of Sprite, Coca Cola, Dr. Pepper, Miller Lite, Hawaiian Punch and other soda or beer cans, which can be left in the kitchen cabinet to hide valuable belongings in plain sight.

Dummy safes that look like Coffee Mate cans, peanut butter and mayonnaise jugs, Morton salt shakers, Ajax bleach, shaving creams and other personal care or household products, which are virtually indistinguishable from the genuine ones.

And even safes hidden inside a wall socket, a thermometer, a stone, a book, a paint can, an air freshener, an insect spray, a wall clock or a flower pot, perfect to stash the jewelry, documents and other important belongings where no one will ever look.

For those going on a road trip or just more inclined to always keep their possessions close by when they’re about and about, there are also safes disguised as AXE body sprays, a hair brush, brake cleaners, tire inflators and travel coffee mugs, that can be put in a bag or the car.

They are available at some of the lowest prices out there, with quick shipping to anywhere in the country, safe payment methods, convenient 90 day return policies and any tips or instructions the client may require when they start using them.

To see the whole range of diversion, hidden and dummy safes the Community Watch Products store has in stock or find out more about they work, clients can call 800 859-5566 and visit their website at the link provided above.

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