Socks For Samson Author T.R. King Self-Published Children’s Book Released

Author T.R. King has released her newest children’s book Socks For Samson. Self-published with Publishing Our Children’s Stories, the story takes children on an adventure with Wyatt and his buddy the Sock Monster in search of ever-elusive unpaired and holey socks.

Socks For Samson by Author T.R. King has just been released by self-publisher Publishing Our Children’s Stories. King’s book takes children on an adventure with young Wyatt as he chases down unpaired and holey socks for his buddy Samson the Sock Monster.

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The stigma of self-publishing is disappearing, Mark Coker of Publisher’s Weekly reports. Ten years ago, self-publishing was viewed as the last resort for writers, but today self-publishing is becoming the first choice for many writers learning to outsell and outcompete the larger publishers.

Each time an indie author hits a bestseller list, Coker says, it inspires fellow writers to recognize that they, too, can self-publish with pride, professionalism, and success. The rise of indie authorship has become a global cultural movement.

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Socks For Samson is Publishing Our Children’s Stories’ most recent self-published book release written by Author T.R. King, a story about an adventure a young boy Wyatt takes with his friend Samson the Sock Monster chasing down those ever-elusive unpaired socks and socks with holes in them.

Author T.R. King is a self-described Domestic Engineer who became an author through creating and playing with her three children. Her first children’s book was written with the help and imagination of her 4-year-old. After the first book was published, King’s son quit creating with her and started playing and having adventures with Samson. Samson turned into a children’s book series, Samson the Sock Monster, and T.R. King turned into a children’s book author.

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