SociVideo Jukebox Ben Murray 2017 Autopilot Social Media Posting App Launched

SociVideo Jukebox is a new posting app that auto-fills an account's queue by scheduling posts and content. Launched by Bill Murray, the software helps to increase users' social media traffic and engagement. In order to keep content constant, the app will recycle already-used content.

Ben Murray recently launched SociVideo Jukebox, a new posting app that auto-fills its own queue to schedule posts and content. This helps to increase a business’ high-value, traffic-pulling strategy.

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SociVideo Jukebox is an app that helps to find content and posts, and then strategically reuses the best-performing content. It also has the ability to auto-schedule videos multiple times on autopilot. The software is a tool for businesses to use to help them keep their social media presence strong by recycling content to a targeted audience. This buffering technique helps to drive more traffic and attention to an individual’s or business’ account.

While social media scheduling platforms already exist, SociVideo Jukebox not only lets users schedule posts and videos, but also gives them the option to post it multiple times on separate occasions. Additionally, the app finds and curates engaging content from related sources to post when profiles don’t have enough of their own content to recycle.

The app works in three steps. First, users create their own content Jukeboxes—or categories—for each type of content they want the app to post on autopilot. This lets users create Jukeboxes for blog posts, GIFs, cinemographs, images, memes, quotes, videos, and more. Next, users fill their jukeboxes with a content playlist, essentially telling it what to post. For example, individuals can add their own content, or let the software add popular, trending, or viral content from social media.Finally, individuals choose when and how often each Jukebox should post on Facebook and Twitter, and the software will shuffle and randomize the content and post to these channels while on autopilot.

An additional feature includes RSS feed post technology, which lets users add as many RSS feeds as they want.

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