SociTrafficJet Dr. Amit Pareek Social Media Traffic Generation Software Released

The Serial software developers Dr. Amit Parik and Er. Ashu Kumar have released a new WordPress plugin aimed at generating unlimited convertible traffic from social media platforms.

Dr. Amit Pareek and Er. Ashu Kumar launched a new WordPress Plugin, SociTrafficJet, designed to help users generate unlimited traffic from social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn,, Tumblr, and Reddit.

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Dr. Amit Pareek and Er. Ashu Kumar are serial entrepreneurs and software developers with great vision and insights into the needs of the modern marketer. They have developed a number of software products which have revolutionised the internet marketing field.

One of their most current software tools is the WordPres Plugin, SociTrafficJet. According to the company website, SociTrafficJet guarantees 100% real unlimited targeted traffic from top social media platforms – Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Twitter and PR social bookmarking websites like Reddit, Tumblr and Bitly.

It allows users to drive high converting visitors to a designated sites, run numerous profitable campaigns, and make hands-free sales with just a single push of a button.

The software is very intuitive, allowing each user to configure and manage the accounts he wants to work with for his social media campaigns. SociTrafficJet can help online marketers save money on their online marketing efforts by increasing the number of visitors on their brand sites and generating convertible traffic. Businesses can use it to build a brand name and explode their buyers lists.

Users can get high-quality backlinks to their websites from social bookmarkings sites and see almost immediate traffic increase.It is a great tool for leveraging relevant traffic and visibility for any company or organizaion.

The software also gives users the opportunity to analyse their social media campaigns and improve their ROI on online marketing as it generates complete logs and reports for the created campaigns. It comes with easy-to-understand trainings that enable each user to make the best out of the product in a simple and convenient way.

Those wishing to learn more about the WordPress plugin can find more information by visiting

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