Announces Elite Business Leaders for the week of June 7, 2015 has announced their list of Elite Business Leaders for the week of June 7, 2015. is a website that accepts nominees of business leaders worldwide. SEP is pleased to announce the selected elite business leaders for the week of June 7, 2015.

SEP recognizes Scott Rubman, president of Greenlight Billboards, as an elite professional in business building, marketing and lead generation.

"Imagine what being on The 1st Page of a Google search will do for most companies... Greenlight Billboards offers a low cost, five-star solution, to Google search that business owners have been looking for since the Internet was created. In as little as one week, Greenlight can typically get a business ranked on the 1st page in the top ranked search engines for a fraction of what a typical SEO company charges."

For more information about Greenlight Billboards or to contact Scott Rubman directly, visit: or call : 888-349-7060.

SEP recognizes William Kelley Eidem as an elite professional and author of the book "The Doctor Who Cures Cancer".

"Most people don't know that some supplements shrink tumors while others make them grow faster.

Nobel Laureate Otto Warburg solved half the riddle of cancer. The Amazon Top 100 Bestseller "The Doctor Who Cures Cancer" solves the other half, while heroin and alcohol addiction are reversed in as little as three days, with patients experiencing no withdrawal symptoms.

In the powerful true story that includes WWII Nazis and an exploding ambulance, readers will sleep well at night never worrying about cancer again."

For more information about "The Doctor Who Cures Cancer" visit: or to contact William Kelley Eidem directly, please email:

For more information about SEP, please visit:

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