SociConnect Ali G 2016 Social Sharing Facebook Marketing Software Launched

Ali G has launched a new social marketing tool called SociConnect, which allows people to link their Facebook fan page to their official Wordpress site. Visitors can then engage with the Facebook page through the website.

A new social marketing tool has launched, called SociConnect, by Ali G. It was designed to help offer people a range of powerful tools to link Facebook to their WordPress site. This can encourage interaction between the two platforms and help people to benefit from the power of Facebook by linking their fan page to their official business website.

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Facebook fan pages are an important tool in a marketing kit, because Facebook is the most used website online today, with over a billion active users who log in to see what their friends and family are up to and engage in social sharing of things that interest them.

This represents a huge market that can find the business’s Facebook fan page, regardless of its niche. When they find a page that they enjoy, they can like it, which follows the page and automatically sends them new posts and updates that the business lists.

This means that when a business posts on its Facebook page, it can be picked up by the people who follow that business, who can then share those posts among their friends and family.

Through this method of social sharing, businesses can reach out to the huge market that Facebook represents, increasing their brand awareness and brand reputation. This can also lead to more visitors, sales, and repeat customers.

When using SociConnect, these businesses can automatically ensure their Facebook posts appear on their official WordPress website as well. This encourages interaction between the two sites, and helps people to benefit from the power of Facebook with their website posts.

Businesses can use photo posts, video posts, and more to create visually engaging and entertaining posts on their WordPress site. SociConnect can embed the business’s fan page content directly to any page, simply through inserting shortcode on the page in question.

In addition to this, visitors to the site itself can like and engage with the Facebook fan page through the WordPress site. Further details are available at:

Release ID: 204378