Social Media Sweepstakes Platform Prize Giveaway Photo & Video Contests Launched

Snappy Sweeps, a pioneering social media and product advertising community allowing members around the world to vote and upload their photos and videos in a wide range of contests to win final prizes while making new friends, has been launched.

A pioneering online social media community entitled Snappy Sweeps, where members from around the world can enter contests and vote on videos and photos to win a wide range of prizes, has been launched.

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Snappy Sweeps is an original social voting community and product advertising platform providing users around the world with a wide range of photo and video contests and prizes, tailored for fans of Instagram or Pinterest and companies looking for innovative ways to promote their merchandise.

The social media community allows members to upload their photos or videos to the appropriate contests and share their participation in order to collect enough votes or likes to win the final prizes and make new friends while providing companies with a chance to promote their new concept and show off their products.

The photo and video contest categories available include sport, nature, fishing and hunting, natural beauty, hairstyles, tattoo, animals, make-up, body, ‘the most glamorous (man, woman, kids) or the best photo with celebrity, the most creative thing, historic attractions, best clothes, and more.

Active contests/product campaigns include “My Best Pet”, where members can upload the best pictures of their pets to win a black 15” LED HD High Resolution Digital Picture Photo Frame with remote controller, ‘Amazing Historic Attractions’ for an IPod Shuffle and ‘My Picture in The Gym’ for a popular NWT Coach Edie Refined Pebble Leather Triple Compartments Cardinal.

More information on the pioneering Snappy Sweeps social media community and its current members, contests, categories, product campaigns and prizes along with a promotional video detailing the benefits and rules for social media fans or product advertisers, and more, are also available on the website link provided above.

The social media community explains that “in a world of smart phones and tablets where there is an app for just about anything, it is time to revolutionize the advertising industry. Say hello to, the future of product advertising. This is a website in which member comprised of people from around the world vote on videos and photos to win product campaigns (prizes).”

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