Social Media Platforms Content Creation Negative Effects Program Launched

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Society I am has launched Operation Juggernaut Treatment. The treatment aims to improve the positive effects of social media by encouraging social media users to pause comments on their platforms.

Victory Initiative has recently released a video having the title “Operation Juggernaut Treatment.” You may find it using the link, . In this video, Mr. Abraham addressed the myths created by social media and then proposed his suggestions for overcoming them. He said that there is no check and balance or monitoring policy on the use of social media platforms. The consequence of its addiction is negative energies, anxiety, and malicious behaviors that directly harm society. He also highlighted the positive aspects as well. He referred to social media phobia with the term “Juggernaut”; he furthered added that we have no idea in which directions we all are moving on.

In the second part of the video, he gave suggestions and solutions for treating this Juggernaut. From the start of the video, he pointed out that he is looking for volunteers who can help him build a conscious society. He then addressed these volunteers and recommended them to pause the comment sections on their social media platform for a moment. He urged them to make a real difference in the culture by challenging their traditional and habitual approach towards this Juggernaut. He insisted on breaking the chains of old habits and creating something new that can force your mind to think about the questions like what and why. He said that change is only possible if you dare to move forward and start taking action; it is not possible by sitting in the same position and looking for someone to come and change your status.

In the last part of the video, he addressed the content creators; he insisted on bringing some valuable content for the listeners. He advised them not to run behind the listeners’ comments; instead, they should move forward and keep doing their best. He explained it by highlighting some real-world examples where we all watch the content but do not comment. He advised them to set parameters accordingly where only people of their choice can access or comment on their posts. He emphasized that don’t try to follow what others are doing or trending rather than do whatever you believe is right to do. He also added that some odd things will also be happening when you are challenging yourself, so don’t get nervous about them. Instead, move forward and with your commitment and try to execute your ideas.

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