Social Media Parenting Guide Child-Parent Communication Tips E-Book Launched

The updated e-book version of “Social Parenting: How To Get Your Children Back From Social Media” is now available, offering parents actionable strategies to minimize the risk of social media use among children and foster a positive child-parent relationship.

Timothy R. Jones announced an updated e-book version of “Social Parenting: How To Get Your Children Back From Social Media”, a guide designed to help parents handle the challenges posed by social media networks to the development of their children. The guide features practical tips to encourage social media practices with positive outcomes while minimizing the negative effects of overexposure to social media networks.

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The increased reliance on social media among users of all ages has sparked controversy among parents, educators and child psychologists. Recent research suggests that children using social media are exposed to a host of both positive and negative effects, thus making it essential for parents to take proactive measures to protect their children and reduce the likelihood of developmental issues associated with excessive use of social media, such as depression, anxiety and communication problems.

“Social Parenting” offers an unbiased look at the advantages and disadvantages of social media use, providing practical tips to help parents facilitate healthy social media behaviors among their children.

An important aspect discussed in the book is the range of potential child-parent communication issues associated with excessive reliance on social media. While traditionally children have turned to their parents as the most reliable and accessible source of information, the rise of social media has led to more and more children using Facebook and other platforms to look for answers – a trend which exposes them to inaccurate information, age-inappropriate role models, and a variety of other potential risks.

Parents will find practical tips on how to foster a supportive child-parent relationship based on open communication, and promote positive social media behaviors for successful emotional, social and psychological child development.

The author said: “Thanks to this book, parenting your child in the midst of a social media-obsessed society can be made somewhat easier. With the right information, you can turn social media, which has previously been a source of distraction and destruction to kids, into a tool you can use to connect more with your kids and build a stronger parent-child bond.”

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