Social Media Niche Email List Building – Sales/Lead Generation Blueprint Launch

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Amali Digital Marketing Agency launched a course on email list building through social media. The Ulitmate Lead Machine helps small local business owners convert social media traffic into customers.

Amali Digital Marketing Agency has announced the launch of The Ultimate Lead Machine course. The blueprint helps small business owners leverage social media to build and grow their customer email lists.

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By launching its course, Amali Digital Marketing Agency provides the go-to formula for local businesses and individual brands to increase their customer email database and sales.

The program shows how it is possible to garnish new leads by plugging this method into one’s social media profiles. It is easy to implement for beginners and experienced marketers alike and will function around the clock once it’s in place. The blueprint does not require any special skills or the use of paid ads.

By engaging on social media accounts with a comment, post, share, or like, people are directing organic traffic back to their profiles. This is occurring whether the person is aware of it or not. The agency states that if a person’s business or personal profile is not optimized to capture and retain those leads, they are missing out on a large amount of potential business.

This highly targeted interaction performed on one’s social media accounts can generate new leads for a local enterprise. All of this is done with no cost involved, using only the technology already available to everyone.

Marketing expert, and creator of the course, Abraham Coetzee, shares his expertise on using digital marketing tools, including social media platforms to generate a consistent stream of leads. According to him, the course teaches the most beginner-friendly strategy to grow a local business.

The program is suitable for LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and other platforms. Abraham shows how to turn likes and hearts into lasting customers, patients, or clients for a local business. Doctors, dentists, chiropractors, home improvement contractors, accountants, real estate agents, and a wide range of other professionals can benefit from Abraham’s course.

A satisfied customer says, “I can personally vouch that once this program is set up you’ll start getting free leads on auto-pilot.”

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