Social Media Marketing Landing Page Lead Generation Video Design Tools Launched

A new software package for entrepreneurs and internet marketers has been launched by My Software Funnels. The collection of tools helps to drive more traffic, increase engagement, and boost sales.

A powerful new software package has been launched by My Software Funnels, allowing internet marketers to take their business to new heights. It includes four products for lead generation, audience engagement, and conversion optimization that can help anyone to make more sales online.

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With the current COVID-19 outbreak causing lockdown across the globe, more people are looking at ways to make money working from home. Affiliate marketing has always been one of the most enticing prospects for entrepreneurs.

Now, with the new software package from My Software Funnels, it’s easier than ever to get started. Entrepreneurs can get all the help, training and solutions they need to drive more buying traffic and make more sales.

The site features testimonials from entrepreneurs across the world who have gone live with My Software Funnels. They describe how they are already seeing high sales volume, even for those who have only been online a few hours.

Tools include VideoWrappr and iTaggz, which can make any landing page or social media profile more engaging. Clients can use these tools to stand apart from their competition, encourage more user engagement, and ultimately drive more sales.

The iTaggz tool works for both personal Instagram pages, business Instagram pages, lead generation campaigns and more. Meanwhile, VideoWrappr allows clients to create eye-catching viral videos that take their traffic to the next level.

Alongside this, members can use Easy Sketch Pro to create powerful animation videos for all of their products. This easy-to-use software makes any website stand out, and helps to convert visitors on autopilot.

A recent client said: “This product has really been amazing! It’s simple and can make some truly amazing videos. The biggest thing that stands out to me is the customer service behind the product. Many thanks!”

With My Software Funnels, it’s easier to achieve success as an internet marketer than ever.

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