Social Media Marketing For Speech Therapy Practice Visibility Launch

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Lake Worth, Florida-based social media marketing agency Focal Point Matters Digital LLC has launched an updated range of coaching services, specifically designed around the needs of physical therapy practices, occupational therapy practices, speech therapy practices, and more.

The agency’s latest solutions include unique one-on-one social media coaching for physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech-language pathologists, health private practices, and senior living facilities. Online group coaching, known as the “Make Your Social Media Simple” (MYSMS) program, has also recently been announced, offering access to a wider range of clients.

As a “done-with-you” service, MYSMS online social media training will show private healthcare practices how to structure and manage an effective campaign.

The latest coaching programs provide multiple options for physical therapists who want to create effective social media campaigns without spending large amounts on paid advertising.

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Most business owners now recognize the importance of having an online presence to increase their organic lead generation. However, with trends constantly changing, many do not have the skills or knowledge needed to manage an effective social media marketing effort. Having a background in physical therapy, Focal Point Matters Digital now provides training services that help therapists navigate the world of social media promotion.

According to Statista, 69% of Americans use Facebook, and 98.3% of those users do so with mobile devices. Given such wide reach, it is little surprise that social media engagement is high on the list of priorities, with Hootsuite reporting that 60% of businesses plan to increase spending in this area.

Clients can now select from either 1:1 customized coaching, or the online MYSMS program which has been structured to suit different budgets.

Designed specifically for healthcare private practices and health business owners, the consultancy services are unique in the marketing industry. The consultancy also help clients such as assisted living, independent living, and skilled nursing facilities to gain an understanding of social media marketing and boost their visibility online.

About Focal Point Matters Digital LLC

Founded by physical therapist Dr. Alena Matig-a, Focal Point Matters Digital aims to address the gap in marketing knowledge that exists among many healthcare professionals. Having been a physical therapist herself, Alena recognizes the busy and demanding lives that physical therapists and health entrepreneurs lead, as well as the unique selling points that can make their businesses stand out.

The agency’s services are available to clients in Palm Beach County, Florida and throughout the United States.

Dr. Alena Matig-a stated: “I’ll teach you online marketing strategies and tactics on how to get your target audience to come back to you again & again. So you can grow your audience, get clients from social media and scale your business online.”

Interested parties can learn more about the MYSMS program by visiting:

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