Social Media/Instagram Traffic Generation – Startup Marketing Report Launched

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FitPreneurShip, an online training resource for digital entrepreneurs, has launched the latest in a series of social media marketing reports focusing on Instagram.

While social media marketing is a commonly used approach in the digital era, many startups do not have large budgets to spend on such activities. The new guide recognizes that fact, providing several inexpensive methods that can be utilized.

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Many businesses focus their efforts primarily on platforms such as Facebook and YouTube. With its most recent report, the company turns its attention to Instagram, explaining how digital entrepreneurs can leverage its features to promote brand awareness.

Statista reports that Instagram has over 1 billion users. With such a large audience, the author quite rightly points out that startups should not ignore this application in terms of its marketing potential. For those who are new to the platform, the report suggests setting up a link in the bio as one of the first and most important steps to drive traffic growth.

While having a bio link is an almost essential aspect, readers are also advised that their profile needs to be as visible as possible. This can be achieved through regular posts. However, the author cautions that a business should not post more than once per day. As a rule of thumb, 2-3 times per week is suggested.

One of the more recent features of Instagram is the ability to highlight stories. As the report explains, this is a useful way to keep priority messages visible for longer than 24 hours. Those starting a new business should determine which aspects of their campaign are most important, and highlight them for more visitors to see.

Readers are provided with a further 4 cost-effective methods of using Instagram to promote a brand. In addition to the latest piece, FitPreneurShip has also released recent reports on underutilized traffic generation methods, the use of quizzes for marketing purposes, and business tools for startups.

Many of the resources on the FitPreneurShip platform are complimentary, meaning that those starting a new venture have access to advice and suggestions without the significant expense that other programs entail. In addition to regular reports, the service also describes useful tools for creating an online business, as well as publishing regular product reviews.

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