Social Media Business Analytics Strategy E-Commerce Traffic Report Launched

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Crucial Constructs has launched a new social media analytics report. The company provides expert advice on how businesses can measure their e-Commerce analytics.

Crucial Constructs, a company based in Austin, Texas, has launched a new report on social media analytics. The latest resource provides essential information designed to help business owners improve their decision making based on in-depth data analysis.

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The recently launched report includes a social media checklist that enables business owners to understand business data. The report is compiled by digital marketing expert Ashley Wells and includes a six-point analyst strategy. It’s also available in video format.

The company shows readers how to correctly measure three types of business analytics, including social media, website traffic and competition. With an increasing number of businesses making the move to online, the company says measuring this data is more important than ever.

To increase their sales and online visibility, readers are advised to decide what information is important to them. The company says this will help business owners to set their goals and objectives. They are also instructed to install a tracking code, use each social media platform’s in-built tracker, and plan regular check-ups. The author says check-ups are best done more than once a month.

Other pointers include getting expert advice from a social media manager and taking the time to fully understand each unit of measurement, being careful to look beyond averages.

The company has also included a training recommendation as part of the launch. They say business owners should enroll in the Crucial Constructs Academy to increase their understanding of social media analytics. During the program they will learn about digital marketing and how to apply it to e-Commerce businesses.

A spokesperson for the company explains, “What gets measured gets managed and business owners must look beyond an overview to fully understand why your peaks are where they are. You must also examine the valleys, because a sinking ship will never sail again if the holes aren’t filled.”

Crucial Constructs is an educational resource that provides training materials such as online courses and webinars for new and aspiring business owners. The company comprises a team of digital marketing and e-Commerce experts who are passionate about helping business owners to succeed.

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