Social Media Branded Merchandise – Turnkey E-Commerce Webstore Services Launched

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As branded merchandising continues to grow in popularity, Alberta-based BestBrandMerch has launched a print-on-demand webstore solution that provides businesses with turnkey e-commerce sites.

BestBrandMerch, a Spruce Grove, Alberta-based provider of online branding merchandising solutions, has launched an expanded range of turnkey web-store services for businesses and social media influencers throughout Canada and the US.

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As branded merchandising remains a popular source of revenue for a variety of industries, the recently enhanced solutions utilize in-house designers and the proprietary GrooveKart platform to provide businesses with an all-in-one e-commerce website that is ready for immediate use.

While it is not a new concept, branded merchandising has been adopted and is an important source of revenue for many businesses in the digital era. Particularly popular among social media influencers, a 2020 report indicated that the top 20 YouTube merchandisers sold a combined total of $29.9 million in 2019.

Sourcing suitable products, creating designs, and developing an effective e-commerce platform, however, are all time-consuming and expensive steps that must be completed if a business wishes to generate revenue from branded merchandise. The new services from BestBrandMerch are designed to solve all of these challenges by providing a preloaded, personalized webstore at affordable rates.

As the backbone of the service, the company’s proprietary GrooveKart (TM) software provides clients with a customizable platform that includes a range of payment options. Clients are given control over a variety of variables, such as the size and color of products, as well as product categories. In addition, the platform provides sales analytics and reporting, customer look-up, shipping, and support-desk features.

Merchandising products are selected through the Slingly (TM) platform, which offers clients over 30 different product types that can be added. The number of products that can be chosen is dictated by the package that a business is using, but the new service is scalable and can be upgraded as and when required.

BestBrandMerch now works with a number of partner fulfillment providers throughout continental North America. As a print-on-demand service, users of the new solution are not required to invest in or carry stock. The company also offers an in-house design service for businesses that do not yet have a logo.

To access the services, businesses are required to select a package that is appropriate for their needs. BestBrandMerch will then consult with clients throughout the design process. Completed webstores are delivered to businesses in a fully functional, ready-to-sell state.

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