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James Gamet, CEO and founder of award-winning public relations and social media growth agency Inches Make Miles (971-319-4874), has announced updated services for companies that want to boost their business with a larger media presence and stronger brand credibility.

Using the latest developments in online marketing, this company’s updated services can provide marketing strategies tailor-made for a business so it can find ideal future customers and keep them.

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In today’s digital world, every company needs to have a digital presence to raise its brand awareness, reach potential customers, engage target audiences, and drive growth. Clients can now have this expert agency plan, develop, and implement profitable, cost-effective online marketing to build their online footprint.

A Salesforce survey shows that before making a purchase, 85% of consumers do online research, using information on websites and social media.

When people conduct this online research to find the best place to purchase a product or service, a company’s website or social media post needs to show up in those online places. Any company that does not appear in search engines loses its opportunity to reach those potential customers.

Industry leader James Gamet, CEO and founder of Inches Makes Miles, recognized that every business needed help to become a strong digital presence. To achieve that, Gamet helps businesses start with small steps to build up their brand presence.

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Inches Make Miles is located in Portland, OR, but works with companies all over the United States. Gamet encourages companies to communicate with site visitors through blog content about issues related to the products and services offered.

Blog text can be more personal and can offer tips and insights that would not normally be part of a product review. Readers may be inclined to share good tips and even the company’s website address with friends, resulting in more traffic.

Inches Make Miles explains that blog posts should be aimed directly at potential customers and the things they care about and should include pertinent images that show the product being used or the happy consumer who uses the service.

A company spokesperson states, “We serve clients of every size and in diverse verticals. From startups to long-established, we customize our marketing strategy to your dreams, budget, goals, and culture. Our goal is to ensure that you achieve yours.”

Interested parties can call 971-319-4874 or find out more at

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