Social Jack Launches Session to Help Humanize Your Bank on Social Media

Dean DeLisle, the CEO of Social Jack, brings a new seminar to CSI Customer Experience: CX 19, that will teach banks how to humanize their brand on social media.

Dean DeLisle, the CEO of Social Jack, brings a new seminar to CSI Customer Experience: CX 19, that will teach banks how to humanize their brand on social media. This seminar will allow banks to become both compliant and cohesive on an online platform while addressing the rapidly changing environment of social networking. The seminar will be held on September fourth through the sixth in Chicago.

Dean will discuss how banks who take the time to empower their employees, partners, and customers ultimately humanize their brand, resulting in an organization that people are drawn to. By adding a touch of “human connection” to your bank, according to DeLisle, you create a connection that will provide much more than a regular ad.

“As community banks embark on the world of social media in search for ROI, the secret lies within the employees. The consumer becomes wary if there’s an abundance of ads in their faces. Using programs like employee advocacy to “Humanize the Brand” allows people to make a human connection with bank employees and connect with the brand overall. It builds trust, brand loyalty, and also provides a strong team-based culture. The discussion will feature Centrust Bank, a local community bank in Northbrook, who embraced the program and has seen steady growth, engagement, and website traffic since,” says DeLisle.

Takeaways for Banks

The seminar will be beneficial for attendees in many different ways. It will discuss the many leaders that are beginning to make cultural shifts that allow their banks to have that extra edge in the online world. The session will address banks who are looking to expand their brand by taking steps to adjust their communication strategy. Dean will break down the world of social media in a way that will make it easy to pass on to their employees, allowing banks to take away useful knowledge to implement a productive online community for their company. The most important topic the session will discuss is how to correlate the content of company business pages and employee professional pages to expand the professional network as well as facilitate the humanization of the bank.

About Dean DeLisle

For over 30 years, Dean has demonstrated his ability to accelerate bank, financial, and insurance institutions to stimulate business development while in a competitive environment. As Founder of Forward Progress, Dean and his team have helped over 2,000 clients assess and improve their online marketing and social networking results. They have trained over 120,000 professionals in over 35 countries with their online programs on their Social Jack Academy.

Dean has recently launched his new book, FIRST: The Street Guide to Digital Business Influence, which includes the stories of leaders within banking who have changed their culture and brand impact online. All attendees of this session will receive a copy.

About Social Jack

The Social Jack System is an Influencer development platform that combines the power of people, social teaming and today’s social networks to create business influencers and develop a targeted loyal following in order to achieve influence in your world. Social Jack serves organizations, executives, professionals, top producers, speakers, and even has Influencer Event offerings.

About CSI Customer Experience: CX 19

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