Social Financial App Data Analysis Small Business Strategies Platform Announced

The world's first-ever social financial technology platform and app, Snopsis, will be launched on Nov. 17. The technology platform aims to connect employees to share their part of a company's story so that business owners can make more strategic financial decisions.

Simplex Financials, Inc. has announced that the world’s first-ever social financial platform, Snopsis, will launch on Nov. 17. This technology platform analyzes financial data and helps companies make strategic financial decisions by connecting all the details in that company’s data story.

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With the launch of this new platform—available via the Snopsis Mobile App on phone, tablet, and computer—users are able to connect and collaborate with both financial and non-financial information that gives a team insight into the company’s objectives and culture.

Snopsis offers the benefits of a social media platform without the ads, “the people you went to high school with, and your dad’s second cousin,” a company spokesperson said. The platform is just for a specific business and its employees.

The platform allows business owners, accountants, bookkeepers or advisors to take certain pieces of financial information and distribute it to who needs to see it. The Director of Marketing needs to know the advertising budget, for example, but not payroll, and that can be controlled.

Simplex Financials, Inc. believes that small businesses interested in understanding how employees contribute to their company’s financial objectives need a social financial platform to connect actions to financial statements for a complete picture.

Snopsis aims to offer a solution for small businesses who want to organize mountains of data, take control of their business, make sound decisions, mitigate risk, uncover hidden opportunities, and collaborate with the entire team.

The platform gives a company’s team insight into the company’s objectives, goals, history, and culture, allowing team members to be up-to-date and on the same page. The goal is that this will foster an environment of empowerment and encourage employees to be invested in the company’s happenings.

The idea is that the company’s data story isn’t complete or as strong unless the whole team is given the chance to share their part. All employees are empowered through having their own voice and adding their part to the narrative.

The app is currently is the beta testing phase. Those interested in signing up to be part of the beta testing to learn more about the cutting-edge platform’s features and provide their feedback can sign up on the website above.

More information on the platform’s features and pricing is also available at the website above.

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