Social Experiment on Who Will Win the 2018 FIFA World Cup, a website helping soccer players enhance their skills, uploaded a YouTube video about a social experiment on who will win the 2018 FIFA World Cup of soccer., a website helping players to enhance their game via soccer video tutorials and eBooks, has conducted a social experiment by asking people who they think will win the 2018 FIFA World Cup of soccer.

The FIFA world cup is an extremely popular sporting event that is held every 4 years. The craze for this event, can be sensed years in advanced with the extreme passion coming from many people and soccer fans all around the world.

The upcoming 2018 FIFA world cup, will take place in Russia and is expected to brake a record in assistance. An estimated 3 million fans is expected to assist to the live games in Russia.

Furthermore, an estimation of 3 billion televised and online audience worldwide are expected to be cheering for their favorite team/country.

It’s such an important sporting event that decided to conduct a social experiment to ask many different people from all walks of life, for their preferred choice on which team they think will win the upcoming soccer world cup.

There are plenty of very good teams taking part of this important soccer competition.

Teams like Germany, Brazil, France, Poland, Spain, Italy, Argentina, Colombia, etc. all have great assets with extremely talented young soccer players as well as experienced veterans and efficient coaching staff that can help their team to the victory of the next FIFA World Cup.

With all these solid assets, these professional soccer teams, have remarkable chances at lifting that precious trophy. There can also be many other teams causing a surprise that would result in winning the next soccer world cup.

Obviously, only time will tell who was right and who was wrong with their predictions, but until then, Best Soccer Tricks decided to take the pulse of the population by asking their predictions.

Therefore, uploaded a video on their YouTube channel named: “Who Will Win The 2018 Soccer World Cup? (Social Experiment)

This video is entertaining to watch, since viewers get to see all kind of people of different sexes and ages, giving their opinion on who will win the next World Cup of soccer.

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