Sober Gateway Announces a New Way to Find Compatible Local Substance Abuse Treatment Centers

Sober Gateway Treatment and Therapy Center announces for the New Year a new and updated way for victims of addiction and their families to find the help they need with their new substance abuse and therapy treatment locator tool.

Los Angeles, CA, January 3, 2015 With the New Year, Sober Gateway Treatment and Therapy Centers have unveiled an updated substance abuse treatment and resources locater. SGTTOnline recognizes that the first step toward recovery is asking for help, but understands that many families and individuals have trouble finding the right help they need. 

The new Sober Gateway website, at provides tools that a community needs to find compatible therapies and treatment centers located in their surrounding area.The beginning of a new year is a traditional time for making resolutions and taking the first steps toward important life changes. 

Sober Gateway is dedicated to helping people find the substance abuse treatment centers that will be most helpful on their personal road to recovery. In addition to providing an easy-to-navigate directory of substance abuse counselors and treatment centers, Sober Gateway Treatment and Therapy also hosts numerous resources to help individuals struggling with addiction. Those resources include guides to choosing the right substance abuse counselors, information about different types of substance abuse treatment, and tips to help people find and navigate the road to recovery. 

The National Institute on Drug Abuse recognizes that there are many different treatment models for dealing with substance abuse problems, and that there is no one right treatment center for every person in recovery. Rather, effective substance abuse treatment is based on therapies and settings that are most appropriate and most compatible for each individual. Far too often, though, the choice of treatment center is left to circumstances and availability. Family members and addicted individuals are often so extended just dealing with day-to-day realities that researching treatment options can become an additional hurdle to getting help. This unfortunate reality means that people who need help right now often end up going through several different treatment models before finding one that is right for them. 

For that reason, Sober Gateway maintains a 24-hour help line staffed with trained counselors. Their goal is to help addicts and their families connect with the help they need as quickly as possible. The counselors who staff the help line are trained to make recommendations for care based on an individual’s needs, location and circumstances so that each individual is connected with the treatment model and approach that is most likely to be successful for them. The counseling service is available by telephone at (888) 363-5553, as well as through a contact form located on the website.

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