Snowmobile Rigs From BC Cargo Trailers Encourage Road Safety

To reduce incidents and practice road safety, snowmobile owners are being encouraged to invest in a proper snowmobile trailer from a reputable dealer like BC Cargo Trailers. Interested parties should visit for more information.

With recent reports of snow closing the Coquihalla and forecasts of a la Niña winter set to slam British Columbia, it is clear to all in the interior of BC that snowmobile season is fast approaching. However, with the expected amount of snow to hit this winter, it is more important than ever for drivers and snowmobile owners to consider the safety implications of using their winter toys.

While winter tires will be a given for anyone considering heading up to the mountains or great white snowy backcountry for a ride, one thing that many snowmobile owners fail to consider until the last minute is how to transport their off-road ride to the far-off powdery reaches. In British Columbia, drivers can actually receive a fine under the Motor Vehicle Act for improperly or unsafely towing a load, according to the government’s official website. This can include towing a snowmobile behind a vehicle with a rope (which can actually damage the machine), or placing it in the bed of a truck within which it does not securely fit.

In order to avoid a fine, or worse, injuring someone on the roads, consumers are encouraged to look into better options for snowmobile transport. The safest, most road-friendly way to transport a snowmobile is with a snowmobile trailer from a reputable dealer like BC Cargo Trailers. With fully-enclosed, open-air, aluminum, and wood options, consumers are guaranteed to find a snowmobile trailer that works for their price range and needs. Snowmobile owners will simply need to hitch up the trailer, secure the sled, and head off for a day of winter fun.

To stay safe on the roads this winter and haul sleds and snowmobiles with peace of mind, interested consumers are encouraged to visit or visit the BC Cargo Trailers sales lot in person, at 4125 Palisades Place, Armstrong, BC.

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