Snorkeling Masks Scuba Diving Goggles Underwater Vacation Range Launched

A range of snorkeling masks and scuba diving goggles with anti-fog and unique breathing technology has been launched aimed at people taking vacations later in the year and recreational swimmers.

A new range of snorkeling masks and scuba diving goggles has been launched aimed at people taking vacations later in the year. The range from US-based Gear For Life is designed for people planning holiday vacations to Australia and other exotic locations known for their underwater life, or recreational swimmers who prefer to wear goggles or a mask.

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The newly launched range can help people see clearly when they are below the surface. Additionally, snorkeling sets can help with the delivery of oxygen to the lungs. The Ocean Reef Aria QR Snorkeling Mask is a stylish product offering elegance that Italian brands are famed for.

Aside from the fact the snorkel mask is available in five colors and three different sizes, it features patented anti-fog technology. A buildup of CO2 is reduced by the air circulation system and there is a quick release mechanism, which is ideal for people if they get into difficulty or feel claustrophobic.

Full-face masks offer benefits to wearers including the fact they allow for natural breathing, provide a barrier to the water, and uncompromised visibility. The Divelux Snorkel Mask is equipped with multiple features including anti-leak and anti-fog technology, as well as a dry valve in the breathing tube, which means no water will get into the system.

In addition, the polycarbonate frame adds to the durability and the adjustable straps help to keep the mask in place while snorkeling. The WSTOO Snorkel Mask utilizes a liquid hypoallergenic silicone skirt to prevent water leakage and skin irritation at the same time.

It offers users an advanced breathing system with separate pathways for inhaling and exhaling air. Since the channels are separated, people do not breathe in any CO2. Furthermore, this mask is flexible and collapsible meaning it could save space in travel or day packs.

A company spokesperson said: “Snorkeling gear comes in all shapes and sizes. If you want to buy the best model, you must take into consideration a range of factors. We recommend you take your time and explore the best options before splashing your cash.”

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