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Elements of Style, LLC, has released a new line of Bona Fide New Yorker Snapback Caps catered to the style and attitude of true New Yorkers. The line also includes a variety of other specially labeled attire and gear.

The Bona Fide New Yorker line of wear and gear including NYC Snapback Caps has been released by Elements of Style, LLC. This line was created by Marcel, a Bronx born and bred MIT alumnus and former model, to represent the style and attitude of native New Yorkers.

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The census bureau reports that more than 8 million people live in New York City, dubbed the city that never sleeps. According to Fresh NYC, New York is a city full of dazzling lights, incredible food, and the most self-assured people in the world.

Fresh NYC explains that the people from New York City are either adored or completely loathed. New York is a place where there is no middle ground. Residents either are or aren’t from New York City, and they either do or don’t like they city.

Elements of Style, LLC, has capitalized on New York pride with its Bona Fide New Yorker line release of retro snapback caps. Snapback caps were popular during the 1980’s and fell out of fashion with newer designs and fits emerging, but the retro look and feel is back.

Snapback caps require no measurements and fit most anyone. In order to adjust the size, the wearer opens the adjustable strap and selects an area on the nubs of the opposite side. Once the hat fits snug it is at its optimum wearing comfort.

Elements of Style, LLC, also features a merchandise line that consists of an array of garments, accessories and gift items with the distinctive logo of the line’s Bona Fide New Yorker lifestyle brand embroidered, laser-etched, heat pressed, screen-printed or otherwise applied using various technologies.

More projects for the Bona Fide New Yorker line in the future include wearable electronics created by exploiting the special attributes of high tech materials or via the use of innovative patented technology. Another project in the pipeline is a facilitating process providing custom tailored garments that require no tailor visits.

More about these topics can be found by visiting the Elements of Style website listed above.

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