Smudge Proof Lipstick Longest Lasting Liquid Matte Lip Stain Color Set Launched

A premium smudge proof, long lasting and moisturizing Liquid Matte Lipstick set with three attractive colors for everyday wear, entirely sourced and manufactured in the USA with no animal testing, has been launched by the popular cosmetics company Radiant Complex.

The prominent Radiant Complex announced an expansion of its high quality and entirely USA made cosmetics line with the launch of a new moisturizing, long lasting and smudge-proof Liquid Matte Lipsticks set with three colors.

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Radiant Complex is a highly popular specialty cosmetics company committed to providing high quality and professional beauty solutions, entirely manufactured in the USA with cruelty free testing, ideal to effectively and safely solve common everyday beauty problems and ensure its clients look and feel their best.

The company has now announced the launch of a premier Liquid Matte Lipsticks set with three attractive colors ideal for everyday wearing and ensuring full coverage with a lip gloss that applies evenly with just one coat and a long wearing smudge proof color that stays in place while adding moisture instead of leaving the lips feeling dry with its vitamin E and avocado oil formula.

The long lasting, smudge proof and moisturizing Liquid Matter Lipsticks set launched by Radiant Complex, currently available at highly affordable prices in a three color pack with new colors to be added by the end of the year, is also entirely paraben free and entirely sourced and manufactured in the USA with no animal testing.

More information on the newly launched Liquid Matter Lipsticks and the range of professional beauty solutions offered by Radiant Complex, from high quality eye, lash and face primers to lash & brow serum or its finishing powder, and more, can be seen on the website link provided above along with instructions on how to apply them and details on its free shipping policies or client testimonials.

Radiant Complex explains that “we are all about helping people look and feel their absolute best and the search for a perfect liquid matte lip color is over with this 3 pack set offering a variety of wearable everyday colors that are simply gorgeous. With this set there is no more worrying about smudging or reapplying, simply go out and enjoy yourself without the lip color ending up on your glass”.

The company adds that “to maintain an unparalleled level of quality, we manufacture our entire product line in the USA. This allows us to carefully control every step of the process and ensure we keep providing products that live up to their promises, and being a brand people look to for every day beauty solutions, and trust to help enhance their natural beauty”.

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