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Smith Marketing Services had identified over 250 dentists in Tacoma and the surround area. There are many highly qualified dentists in Tacoma, Lakewood, Federal Way, and Puyallup choose from, and it can be a challenge selecting the best dentist that meets unique the unique needs of the patient. With all the options available it is important to do a little homework and make a few observations before making the final decision.

It should be easy to find a good dentist. After all there are fixed standards for training and readily available information on the new and latest developments in the field that any dentist can take advantage of. But just like every profession, some individuals are better than others, with different personalities, various levels of expertise, and different commitment to excellent service and dedication.

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There are several tips to help minimize the stress of selecting the best Tacoma dentist. For example, begin by asking family, friends, and coworkers for their recommendations. Be sure to ask what in particular they liked about the dentist. Another great source of information are former dentists or pharmacists. If moving the Tacoma area, ask any current provider if they have any recommendations.

Another important consideration is the logistics of the situation. If the dentist office is located close to home, work, or school, it would make it much easier to get to appointments and allow greater flexibility in scheduling visits. Dental network plans may be the deciding factor on determining what Tacoma dentist is the best for the patient and the family. It is absolutely critical that one have an understanding of the dental insurance plan as it could save significant dollars on any copayments. Mickie Smith of Smith Marketing Service said, “Increasingly we are seeing dental insurance plans that are being made available from a number of different sources through trade unions and employers. These plans can be extremely valuable to families with a number of children.”

Finally, the American Dental Association (ADA) recommends calling or visiting more than one dentist before selecting one. Click here to find a top dentist in the Tacoma Area

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